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107. Geburtstag
107. Geburtstag
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Gusenbauers Sommerwandern



Gusenbauers Sommerwandern


Gusenbauers Sommerwandern
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trying to convert all these people to our way of life. We need stability, and we need to stop this.?

Kasich on Prime Minister Netanyahu?s speech to Congress: ?Well I'd have a meeting with him. We'd have a cup of coffee,jordans for cheap, why not? This is,cheap jordans, they're making such a big deal. And the guy,, you know,jordans for cheap As marriage goes, been invited to come speak to Congress. Let him speak, and the president can have a meeting with him,jordans for cheap, they don't have to have a photo op or anything but of course you go and you talk to him. I mean that's the way I look at it. I mean, but I'm not president again and I'm not sure I will ever be president, because I haven't decided whether I'm even going to try for that yet. 24:29 But what I would tell you is use common sense. You got a foreign leader coming, a great ally of ours, he's coming here. Was it handled in maybe a clumsy way? Okay, so it was. But look,cheap jordans, get beyond that. See that's our problem, Gloria, we spend too much time either trying to be politically correct, play to the cameras,
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